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Alucover - Foundry Fluxes

Alucover is a very efficient powder flux for covering & refining Aluminium & its alloys. Its exothermic reaction ensures efficient removal of inclusions & formation of a red hot glowing powdery dross which can be easily skimmed.

Application :

  • First the crucible is heated to redness
  • Then half of the charge is added with continued heating.
  • When the charge becomes sluggish half quantity of total Alucover is sprinkled on it.
  • The Alucover melt & forms a liquid protective cover on the melting charge.
  • The balance of the charge is slowly & continuously added without disturbing the liquid cover.
  • When entire charge melts & achives the required temperature, balance half of Alucover is added & stirred well in to melt. The resultant red glowing powdery dross is skimmed & the metal is ready for further operations.


  • Specially formulated to give exceptionally red glowing & powdery dross. Thus skimming of dross is easy & clean with minimum metal loss in the dross.
  • Protects the metal from oxidation during melting.
  • Clean the melt & absorbs nonmetallic impurities.
  • Lower application percentage based on charge composition.
  • 0.5 to 1.0% based on charge
  • Applicable to all aluminium alloys except Al-Mg alloys.


Addition : 0.5 to 1% Grades : Alucover - 1 Alucover - 1 F.
Packing : 25kg moisture proof HDPE poly lines bags.
Storage : Store in a cool & dry place.
Shelf Life : Six months from the date of manufacture 


Coresticks is a high quality core joining compound in paste form. Coresticks has high baked strength & low gas evolution. It as applicable to all types of cores like Silicate, Nobake shell cold box etc. It is manufactured from carefully selected raw materials under strict manufacturing process.


Application :


  • Clean the core surface to be joined with brush & remove any loose sand grains.
  • Apply Coresticks uniformly & immediately join the cores.
  • In case of big cores, it is necessary to oven dry the joined cores.


Advantages :


  • Strong core joints
  • Resistant to moisture hence the joined cores can be applied with water based coatings.
  • High hot strength & lower gas evolution.
  • User friendly convenient packing.
  • Fully inorganic formulation.
  • Coresticks has good air drying properties.


Packing : Available in 5kg Tins, 1 kg Plastic Sealed Bags & Plastic Bottles. Shelf life : 4 months in the intact original packing. Storage : In a cool & dry place.

Self life : 4 month in the intact original packing.

Storage : In a cold & dry place.

Foundry Paint

The quality of paint available for painting toy soldiers: we moaned about the dull and limited range of colors too. No one seemed to make paints that really cover your model

Additional Detail-
  1. When we returned to Nottingham and took over at wargames foundry in 2000, we came with great paint
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